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Procedural File: cwprof.php

Source Location: /scripts/cwprof.php

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cwprof.php - Computes execution times for client, server and Mapserver

This command line script takes one or two APD trace files and computes execution times for the client, the server and Mapserver.

First usage is used with a single trace file (direct, client or server). Second usage looks for most recent trace file(s) in a directory.

"-local" option indicates that client and server trace files are located in the same directory. In this case, the script will parse the two files and give a merged result.

Usage: ./cwprof.php <trace_file> or ./cwprof.php [-local] <trace_dir>

Original code was pprofp, a script included in the APD distribution.


author:  Yves Bolognini <>

by_avgcpu [line 526]

int by_avgcpu( mixed $a, mixed $b)

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by_calls [line 537]

int by_calls( mixed $a, mixed $b)

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by_c_rtime [line 553]

int by_c_rtime( mixed $a, mixed $b)

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by_c_stime [line 569]

int by_c_stime( mixed $a, mixed $b)

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by_c_time [line 516]

int by_c_time( mixed $a, mixed $b)

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by_c_utime [line 585]

int by_c_utime( mixed $a, mixed $b)

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by_mem [line 593]

int by_mem( mixed $a, mixed $b)

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by_rtime [line 545]

int by_rtime( mixed $a, mixed $b)

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by_stime [line 561]

int by_stime( mixed $a, mixed $b)

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by_time [line 506]

int by_time( mixed $a, mixed $b)

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by_utime [line 577]

int by_utime( mixed $a, mixed $b)

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getFile [line 346]

void getFile( string $dir, int $pos, string 2)

Returns the pos-th last file in a directory


string   2  
string   $dir  
int   $pos  
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num_cmp [line 491]

int num_cmp( float $a, float $b)

Compares to numbers.

Returns 1 if int($a) > int($b), -1 if int($a) < int($b) else 0


float   $a  
float   $b  
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parseFile [line 33]

array parseFile( string $fileName)

Main parsing function


string   $fileName  
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parse_info [line 469]

void parse_info( string $tag, PHP $datasource, array &$cfg)


string   $tag  
PHP   $datasource   resource handle
array   &$cfg  
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