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Procedural File: clean.php

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clean.php - cleans old files: images, map results, PDF and SOAP XML cache


  • Images not associated with map result
  • Images associated with map result / SOAP XML, including corresponding map result / SOAP XML
  • Exported PDF files as well as temporary images used to generate them
  • Empty map results /SOAP XML
Usage: ./clean.php <cache_image_max_age> [<simple_image_max_age>]


version:  $Id: clean.php,v 1.10 2008-05-15 16:59:31 asaunier Exp $
author:  Yves Bolognini <>


deleteOldFiles [line 174]

void deleteOldFiles( string $cachedir, [bool $deleteAll = false])

Deletes files older than cache age from given directory.


string   $cachedir   path of directory to clean
bool   $deleteAll   if true, all old files are deleted, else (default) only empty ones.
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loadMapResults [line 99]

array loadMapResults( string $resultCachedir)

Gets all links between images and MapResults


string   $resultCachedir  
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loadSoapXMLs [line 142]

array loadSoapXMLs( string $soapCachedir)

Gets all links between images and SOAP XMLs


string   $soapCachedir  
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usage [line 192]

void usage( )

Prints usage

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