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Class: PixelCoordsConverter

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Class Overview

Converter from pixel to geographical coordinates


Class Details

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Converter from pixel to geographical coordinates

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Class Methods

method pixel2Coord [line 39]

double pixel2Coord( double $pixelPos, double $pixelMax, double $geoMin, double $geoMax, boolean $inversePix)

Computes pixel to geographical coordinates transformation


return:  geographical coordinate
access:  private


double   $pixelPos   pixel coordinate
double   $pixelMax   maximum pixel coordinate
double   $geoMin   minimum geographical coordinate
double   $geoMax   maximum geographical coordinate
boolean   $inversePix   true if pixel coordinates are reversed

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method point2Coords [line 63]

Point point2Coords( Point $pixelPoint, Dimension $imageSize, Bbox $bbox)

Converts a point coordinates from pixel to geographical.

Pixel coordinates have their origin on image top left. x grows positively from left to right, and y grows from top to bottom.


return:  point in geographical coordinates


Point   $pixelPoint   the point in pixel coordinates
Dimension   $imageSize   the size of the image containing the pixel point
Bbox   $bbox   the geographical bbox extent of the image.

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